Volunteer Stewardship

The CCT benefits greatly from the efforts of groups such as the Boy Scouts, the Cohasset High School students & athletes, and the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church's 'Keepers of the Earth'.

Over the years the Trust has sought to establish relationships with abutters and local groups, some of which have resulted in cooperative maintenance efforts that significantly increase our ability to manage our properties.

We are very grateful for their volunteerism.

Contact a Director to find out how you or your group can volunteer.

Pictured above is CCT Director Dick Avery with some of the debris picked up by members of the CHS lacross teams on Bassing Beach during a recent Earth Day Cleanup.






The Trust considers its conservation lands as a legacy for area residents and we consider stewardship of these lands to be a fundamental responsibility.

Each Director is a Steward for one or more of the Trust's properties and is responsible for developing and implementing a management plan for that property. For example, trails must be cleared, marked and maintained; fields mown; and shorelines, marshes and wooded areas cleared of debris.

While the Directors do some maintenance and volunteers make a huge contribution, services such as clearing fallen or dead trees or mowing fields must be contracted out to professionals. Every year the Trust invests in maintaining our properties so they are safe and beautiful for those who visit.

The photos below show examples of the need to clear paths of fallen trees in Great Brewster Woods.

directors          directors

The cost of good stewardship is steep: the expense of maintaining properties, as well as land surveys, soil tests and associated legal fees cannot be funded solely from the Trust's endowment interest. Contributions are vital to sustain our annual operations.

Click here to read more about stewardship in the 2007 CCT Newsletter.

Please make a donation in support of our stewardship program – even a small donation makes a big difference. The Trust is a tax-exempt organization under the IRS codes. All donations are 100% deductible to the full extent of the law.