About the Barbara Churchill Conservation Area

The property was a meadow called 'Jet Meadow' before the dam was built to retain water in Lily Pond. Now Bound Brook runs through a wetland.

Use: wildlife habitat, watershed protection, canoe/kayaking


Location: between Route 3A  and Doane Street, bounded by Beechwood Street on the south, Bound Brook on the west and three residential lots on the east (Bound Brook Lane)

Public Access: limited to canoe/kayak

Parking: on Beechwood Street (limited)







Barbara Churchill Conservation Area

In December 1985 Thomas G. and Celeste Churchill granted the CCT 5.12 acres of land which is now largely under water.  It is marked by a large CCT sign high in a tree beside the Bound Brook fish ladder and bridge on Beechwood Street. 

Provides habitat for birds, waterfowl, fish and other wildlife.