About Adrus Island (G. Prescott Low Property)

Andrus island is just under 4-acres of woodland abutting Lily Pond

Use: wildlife habitat, watershed protection

Steward: none due to inaccessibility

Location: on the westerly side of King Street near Lily Pond

Public Access: location and topography make this property inaccessible

Parking: none




Andrus  Island (G. Prescott Low Property).

In December 1989, G. Prescott Low deeded 3.25 acres and 20 rods of woodland on the westerly side of King Street near Lily Pond. Mr. Low was the third generation of his family to own and manage The Patriot Ledger, and was a long-time Cohasset resident.

Elsewhere, the land is referred to as Andrus Island but is bounded by land on all sides and is an area of swamp maple south of the high ground on Lily Pond's south shore.

The property serves an important role as wildlife habitat as well as watershed protection for Lily Pond, Cohasset's drinking water supply.

These photographs show the general area in which the property is located.