About the Golden Reservation

Wetlands. Long referred to as Golden Swamp

Use: wildlife habitat

Steward: Dick Avery

Location: on the south side of North Main Street, bordered on the south by the old railroad bed and on the west by Woodside Cemetary

Public Access: none

Parking: none





Albert A. Golden Reservation.

In December 1983 Irwin Golden of Hingham gifted 14 parcels of land to the Trustees.  Although long referred to as Golden Swamp, Mr. Golden requested “... that the property be known as the Albert A. Golden Reservation, in memory of my late father, who had many ties to Cohasset for many years.”

This land included the railbed of the Penn Central Railroad (formerly New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad) which held an easement until the line was discontinued. In 2002 the MBTA took land along the Golden Reservation as right-of-way for restoration of the Old Colony railroad line. 

Although the property is no longer suitable for human passive recreation, it remains a haven and habitat for amphibian and avian wildlife.