CCTI Board of Directors:

Debbie Shadd, President
Dick Avery, Treasurer
Katie Holden, Secretary
Clark Brewer
Steve Brown
Sarah Charron
Mark DeGiacomo
Charlie Higginson

Jeff Waal


Emeritus Directors:
John Hartshorne
Dick Leggat

Gary Vanderweil


Gary Vanderweil receives plaque acknowledging his years of service and commitment to land conservation.
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Board of Directors, CCT Inc.

Until February 1995 when The Trust was incorporated, Board members were Trustees of the Cohasset Conservation Trust. Thereafter they became Directors of a corporation, the Cohasset Conservation Trust, Inc., whose sole asset is the Trust, the holder of our various properties and invested funds. 

Today, the Trust has a self-perpetuating Board of Directors who are all Cohasset residents selected to serve by reason of their expertise and their demonstrated interest in land conservation and preservation.

If you have any questions or need information about the Trust or any of our properties, please contact one of the Directors.

Pictured above left: CCT Directorst: (back row left to right) Charlie Higginson, Steve Brown, Dick Avery, Mark DeGiacomo, and Jeff Waal, (front row left to right) Gary Vanderweil (Director Emeritus), Katie Holden, Debbie Shadd, John Hartshorne, Ellen Freda (Director Emeritus) and Jim Hamilton.
Missing from photo: Clark Brewer, Sarah Charron, and Dick Leggat.

Past Members of the CCTI Board of Directors:

Jack Hubbard, founding member, president
Dick Leggat, founding member, legal counsel
Osborne (Ozzie) Ingram, founding member
Ed Long, founding member, president
Hatherly Souther, founding member, secretary-treasurer
Charlie Fink, president, secretary-treasurer
Joseph Becker
Roger Porter, treasurer
Whitney Scott, secretary
Chester Ellis, president
Roberta Leary
Sumner Smith
John Hartshorne
, clerk-secretary, president
Ann Churchill
Ellen Freda
Nick Noon
Gary Vanderweil
, president
Jim Hamilton
Karen Quilgey


   The Cohasset Conservation Trust is
   saddened at the death of
   long-time Board member Jim
   Hamilton, pictured during a
   snowshoe tour of our Andrus Island
   property in 2009. Jim's dedication
   to conservation and stewardship
   and his infectious love of the
   natural world will be sorely missed.