About Great Brewster Woods

Woodland, ledge outcroppings.

Use: wildlife habitat, hiking trails, scenic vista of The Mohawk and Little Harbor

Steward: Charlie Higginson

Location: behind Town Hall north of Highland Avenue and east of Beach Street

Public Access: from the end of Great Brewster Trail, a small sidestreet off HIghland Avenue near St. Stephen's Church.

Parking: 2 vehicles at the entrance, additional parking available on Highland Avenue, or in the Village and Town Hall parking lots





Great Brewster Woods.

In September 1985 the Great Brewster Corporation granted to the Trustees approximately 18 acres of woodland. The Corporation was a real estate development venture undertaken jointly by Edgar Hill, Walter Railsback, Raymond Remick and George McLaughlin, all of Cohasset. The name 'Great Brewster' derives from the Boston Harbor Island by that name, where Edgar Hill had a gravel mining venture. 

Together with Dean's Meadow this property protects 25 acres of open space in the heart of Cohasset Village.

A Conservation Trust sign marking the entrance is off Great Brewster Trail, off Highland Avenue. The walking path, clearly marked with yellow trail markers, makes a roughly one-mile loop through a woodland ecosystem containing many plants and features typical of southern New England.

Points of interest include old stone walls, large ledge outcroppings, pudding stone, and streams. Great Brewster contains a variety of trees, including white and red oaks, black tupelos, witchhazel, American beech, junipers, mockernut hickory, holly, white birch and hophornbeam as well as club mosses, blueberry, wintergreen, lichen (rock tripe), sweet pepperbush, and sassafras.

A link to a map for the trails through Great Brewster Woods and a Guided Tour will be available soon.

In 2008 CCT properties were showcased on the popular local cable show, 'Our Town'.
Click here to link to YouTube to view Part 3 featuring Great Brewster Woods.

Click here for a printable PDF of the Trail Map and Trail Guide