About Dean's Meadow

Once open meadow used as pastureland for cows, it is now a dense sapling woods with some mature trees and signficant rocks and ledge and wetlands. 

Use: wildlife habitat, hiking trail

Steward: Charlie Higginson

Location: at the southwest corner of Great Brewster Woods, bounded by Meadow Lane, (now an overgrown cart tract in this area), and on the north by private property

Public Access: from Great Brewster Woods

Parking: see Great Brewster Woods




Dean's Meadow.

The 7 acre Dean's Meadow, together with all existing rights of way, was given to the Trust in December 1992 by Helen E. Dean.

It is located in a rocky area within a small valley drained by a short intermittant stream, Mohawk Brook which is a tributary to Little Harbor. The Meadow is a freashwater meadow which is annually flooded. At the head of the meadow to the south is a small red maple swamp with standing water. Surrounding the meadow and the swamp is a narrow border of vegetation indicative of moist bottomlands.

The variety of habitats include freshwater meadow, red maple swamp, upland forest, forest edge and is especially attractive to upland bird species.

Mostly level land with a stream of water running through it and another ditch at the northwest end, it is divided from the older woods of Great Brewster Woods by an old stonewall just as the land rises. On the south, the land also rises with larger older trees some of which are cedars. On the western edge are woodland wetlands that make transversing the area difficult.