About the Brass Kettle Conservation Area

Approximately 100 acres of deep-core forest and wetland transversed by Brass Kettle Brook that provide wildlife habitat and watershed protection. Trails connect to those in Wompatuck Park and the The Trustees of Reservation's Whitney-Thayer Woods.

Use: hiking trails, wildlife habitat, watershed protection

Steward: The Trustees of Reservations holds the Conservation Restriction

Location: between 265 & 279 King Street, abuts Wompatuck Park on the south and Whitney-Thayer Woods to the east

Public Access: off King Street where there is an informational kiosk

Parking: small lot with room for 2-3 vehicles





Brass Kettle Conservation Area

In the early 2000's a collaboration of groups with a common interest funded the purchase by the Town of Cohasset of a number of old woodlots off King Street to the east of Lily Pond. Because the lots lacked frontage they had never been developed. Some of the lots straddle Brass Kettle Brook which flows into Lily Pond, Cohasset's drinking water supply.

In a defensive action to protect the Lily Pond watershed and prevent development, the Cohasset Water Commission, the Open Space Committee and the CCT purchased the properties with the help of public donations, State grants and Commmunity Preservation Act funding. While the property is owned by the Town of Cohasset it ismanaged by the Water Commission.

The National Heritage and Endangered Species Program identified the entire property and much of its surroundings area as core habitat for rare species. There are more than 70 species of trees and plants inhabiting this woodland. Grouse, partridge and deer make the heavily wooded areas their home.

The main path goes straight back eventually merging with trails in Wompatuck State Park. A side trail leads to paths near Lily Pond.

The historic path crosses two tributaries of Brass Kettle Brook which are bridged by rock slabs. The property also contains many stonewalls once marking grazing land. At the turn of the century, King Street was one of the major rural farm areas in Cohasset.


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