About Bassing Beach

The property is comprised of beach and high ground on the northwest end of the island, including the two cottages. In addition to beach and saltmarsh, the property has upland forest.

Use: wildlife habitat, passive recreation - popular place for swimming, picnicking, fishing and beach walking

Steward: Mark DeGiacomo

Location: Located in Scituate, Bassing Beach defines the northwest side of Cohasset Harbor. The property is sited from the westernmost point to a north-south line about 1,000 feet east of the breakwater and bounded on the south by Bailey Creek and a tidal creek called Four Score Ditch.

Public Access: by boat. The beach is open to the public for passive recreation. Residents of Scituate are ensured the same rights in the premises as Cohasset residents.

We ask that visitors respect the privacy of the cottage tenants and that they take their trash off island when leaving.

Parking: by Town of Cohasset sticker in the Government Island and Parker Avenue parking lots

















Bassing Beach, Scituate.

Bassing Beach, a 3/4 mile long barrier beach, is the most visible CCT property. Little known is the fact that despite defining one side of Cohasset Harbor and the channel leading into the Harbor, Bassing Beach is located in Scituate.

In 1968, 12.5 acres were acquired from Parker and Nancy Schofield 'for consideration'. 400 Cohasset townspeople contributed funds toward the purchase. Each donor received from the Trustees a formal "Deed of undivided interest in the enjoyment to be derived from the preservation of the property." In 1972, the Schofields granted the Trust another 3 parcels of beach, saltmarsh and one cottage. Click here for more information on the purchase.

In 1978, at the request of the Trust, the frequent summer occupants of the two cottages formed the Bassing Beach Tenants Association to perform all needed maintenance work on the cottages and to schedule cottage occupancy.

Today, the CCT also conducts a lottery
to make a number of open weeks available to people who have indicated
an interest. In the spring, names are
drawn from a hat by the Steward for Bassing Beach.

The property became known as Bassing Beach because people have long fished for bass off this beach and, in older times, this activity as knows as 'going bassing'.

In 2008 CCT properties were showcased on the popular local cable show, 'Our Town' Click here to link to YouTube to view Part 2 featuring Scott's Shore and Bassing Beach.