Tree Removal at Great Brewster Woods

Debbie & Dick chips GBW 2015

CCT President Debbie Shadd and Director Dick Avery spread wood chips at the trailhead to Great Brewster Woods.

In late June, an abutter notified the Trust that a wind storm had knocked down a tree located at the trail head at Great Brewster Woods.

The fallen tree was lying across the path and partially blocking the abutter’s driveway.

The blockage was removed but subsequent evaluation of the area showed that a number of trees in that area were dead or dying and should be removed for safety.

The CCT then contracted with a professional tree removal company and a number of trees were felled and chipped.

spreading chips Ingram 2015

CCT Directors, Dick Avery, Charlie Higginson, Steve Brown and Katie Holden, and local environmentalist Rich Silvia spread wood chips at Ingram Park.

The chips were spread at the Great Brewster Woods trailhead to improve the entrance for visitors and abutters. Some of the chips were transported to Ingram Park and spread at the entrance near the big sign.

This is an instance where the CCT needed to contract major work but the smaller work was done by Directors.

Click on links below for PDFs of GBW trail map and guide.

Trail Map to Great Brewster Woods & Dean’s Meadow

Trail Guide to Great Brewster Woods & Dean’s Meadow

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