Supper Island

Supper Island is a 7.5 acre island in the Gulf River separated by a narrow ditch from the property at 70 Black Horse Lane. The island, and the adjacent iconic red barn, can be seen from the Border Street end of Parker Avenue.

Cornelia B. Barnard, who owned Supper Island and the house and red barn at 70 Black Horse Lane, left a Conservation Restriction (CR) on Supper Island to the Trust in her will when she died on May 4, 2015.

The CR ensures “that the Premises will be maintained in perpetuity for conservation purposes, in a natural, scenic and undeveloped condition”, and prevents “any use or change that would materially impair or interfere with its conservation and preservation values”.

Public access for “daytime recreational purposes” is limited to a 50 foot deep strip along the eastern edge (river side) of Supper Island.

The developer plans to rebuild both of the derelict bridges on the northern and southern ends of the island to provide access to the island, with the southern bridge designated for use by CCT for inspections.

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