The Trust preserves and protects open space by either owning a property outright, or by obtaining and holding a conservation or deed restriction on a property. Its holdings include property the Trust owns outright, or on which it holds a conservation restriction. The Trust has also contributed to the purchase of lands by the Town of Cohasset and the Cohasset Land Foundation.

The Trust’s holdings consist of over 211 acres of shoreline along Cohasset Harbor, the Gulf River, the Atlantic Ocean, Lily Pond, Straits Pond and Bound Brook, as well as upland forest, meadowlands and wetlands in Cohasset, Scituate and Hull.

In addition to properties the Trust owns outright, it holds Conservation Restrictions on the Barnes Wildlife Sanctuary, Peppermint Brook Conservation Area and Supper Island. The former are owned by the Town of Cohasset while Supper Island remains private property.

The Trust holds a deed restriction on the Olde Salt House on Cohasset Harbor which is privately owned.

View across Lily Pond from the end of the Pape Reservation trail

Properties the Trust contributed financially to the purchase of include:

  • Brass Kettle Conservation Area
  • Barnes Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Pape Preservation
  • Turkey Hill as part of a collaboration between The Trustees of the Reservations and the Towns of Hingham and Cohasset.

The Trust’s purchase of 27 acres of a larger parcel enabled the Cohasset Land Foundation to purchase of 35 acres of open space owned by Ozzie Ingram.

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