CCT, Inc.

CCT: Scott's Shore, 4-1-16

Scott’s Shore

The Cohasset Conservation Trust, Inc. is a private foundation (section 509(a) of the IRS Code), and a non-profit foundation operating under section 501(c)3. As a charitable trust under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Trust functions as a legal entity.

The Cohasset Conservation Trust has an extensive range of properties, policies, practices and commitments which collectively embody the culture of the institution.

The Trust benefits from generous gifts of land as well as donations of cash and securities. The latter are applied to the general fund and are used solely for the stewardship of our properties, operational expenses, and land acquisition.

The Trust is a member of the Massachusetts Land Trust Coalition and a sponsor-member of the National Land Trust Alliance. The Trust adopted the NLTA’s Statement of Land Trust Standards and Practices which provides guidance to the Board of Directors in carrying out its responsibilities.

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