Olde Salt House

In October 1976, Jessie B. Cox made a grant to the Trust of land, wharf, and buildings where the Olde Salt House restaurant now stands.

However, during its 12 years of ownership, the Trust experienced continuous problems over maintenance of the pier, replacing lessors, and liability exposure from gas tanks and pumps on the wharf. The Trustees determined that the purposes of the Trust would be better served by selling it. In late in 1987 the Trustees offered the property for sale subject to deed restrictions preserving its historical, environmental and aesthetic character.

The Salt House was sold in 1988 and again in 1998; funds from the sale went towards the acquisition of other Trust properties.

The foresighted deed restriction contains the provision that any changes to the historic structure must meet approval by the Trust, thereby assuring that Mrs. Cox’s intent to preserve the aesthetic value of the property would be sustained.

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