Ingram Park

triangle-rockIngram Park is a large parcel of open space on Norman Todd Lane, south of Beechwood Street and west of the railroad tracks.

Most of the park is a swath of land running adjacent to the railroad right of way, with the remainder looping around behind Talarico and Norman Todd Lanes, and reconnecting with Beechwood Street next to the Vendanta Center.

100 years ago this property was farmland. Now it is forested with underbrush, including bull briar, typical of many grown-over farm parcels in the area. By and large fairly flat, the park is rolling and slightly sloped with areas of wetlands as well as uplands.

The Trust’s long range plan for the park is to maintain it in its semi-wild and overgrown state, while improving access and developing trails to provide a walking and riding environment.

The Trust purchased 21.61 acres from the Cohasset Land Foundation (CLF) in July 2007.  The purchase was part of a larger effort by the CLF to protect the bulk of a 30 acre parcel owned by Osborne Ingram by subdividing and selling a few buildable parcels to help finance the deal.

In 2014, the Trust purchased another approximate 6 acres from the CLF. The purchase was made possible by additional funding by the Community Preservation Committee and Town Meeting approval with the provision that a conservation restriction be placed on the 6 acres.

The property is named in honor of Osborne Ingram’s father George Ingram. Together, these properties protect 27.4 acres of densely wooded wildlife habitat and with the Vendanta Center’s land, there is an almost 50 acre reservation and wildlife corridor spanning from the railroad tracks to Route 3A and from Beechwood Street to Brewster Road and Ledgewood Drive.

Eagle Scouts from Cohasset Troop 28 have been working on the planned trail system. Click here to see a map.

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