Andrus Island

In December 1989, G. Prescott Low deeded to the Trust 3.02 acres of woodland on the westerly side of King Street near Lily Pond. Mr. Low was the third generation of his family to own and manage The Patriot Ledger, and was a long-time Cohasset resident.

The land is a woodland area of swamp maple south of the high ground on Lily Pond’s south shore. Although it is referred to as Andrus Island it is bounded by land on all sides and used to be accessed by a wooden walkway bridge.

Since the control gates were installed in the culvert on Beechwood Street (near the Churchill property) the water has risen essentially cutting off access to the property.

Due to its inaccessibility, the property is virtually virgin land with wetlands, uplands and spectacular ledge outcroppings.

The property serves an important role as wildlife habitat as well as watershed protection for Lily Pond, Cohasset’s drinking water supply.

This property creates a connection between our Churchill Conservation Area and Wheelwright Highland properties, and also abuts Town-owned land. Together, these parcels protect a continuous stretch of upland and wetlands in the area between Beechwood Street and Lily Pond. (Click here to see map.)

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