Open space provides critical habitat and corridors for wildlife and plants, protects important water supplies, provides areas for recreational activities, protects historically significant places, and preserves the charm and character of the area in which we live. Open space makes sense for a town’s tax base because undeveloped, protected land costs the town nothing, as community services such as schools, police, and road services are not required.

DIRECTIONS: First click on the icon that looks like ‘the four corners of a square’ at the top right of the map. A list of the properties will appear on the left side of your screen. Click on a property name or the ‘+’ sign to zoom in to view an individual property. If you hold down your mouse button you can drag the map to see other parts of the map.

IMPORTANT: The property boundaries are approximate and based on information from Google. If you need to delineate the exact legal boundaries please consult our town’s assessors office.

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