155 people turned a walk in the woods into a treasure hunt!

Quest 2015CCT’s first-ever Quest, Trees of Great Brewster Woods, was included in the 2015 South Shore Quests handbook. The Quest Season runs every year from April 15 to November 15.

Director Katie Holden coordinated with South Shore Quests, mapping out and determining the clues for our Quest.

When Katie collected the treasure box at the end of the season, we were very excited to learn 155 individuals had participated during the 2015 Quest Season.

Quests start at a marked beginning point and include several clues hidden along the way. The last clue of each quest is a box containing a small guest book, a stamp pad, a rubber stamp, and answers to questions asked by curious Questers. Once the box is found, participants stamp the back page of their Quest book (as proof of accomplishment), and may write or stamp in the guest book.

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