Bassing Beach


CCT: 5-2-15 BassingIn 1968, 400 Cohasset townspeople contributed funds toward the purchase of 12.5 acres from Parker and Nancy Schofield ‘for consideration’. Each donor received from the Trustees a formal “Deed of undivided interest in the enjoyment to be derived from the preservation of the property.” Read more… In 1972, the Schofields granted the Trust another 3 parcels of beach, saltmarsh and one cottage.

Bassing Beach, a 3/4 mile long barrier beach, is the most visible Trust property. Little known is that despite defining one side of Cohasset Harbor and the channel leading into the Harbor, Bassing Beach is part of Scituate.

The property is comprised of beach and high ground on the northwest end of the island, including the two cottages. In addition to beach and saltmarsh, the property has upland forest. The property became known as Bassing Beach because people have long fished for bass off this beach and, in older times, this activity was known as ‘going bassing’.

Bassing Beach has been a popular place for swimming, picnicking, fishing and beach walking for generations of Cohasset residents and is the Trust’s best known property.

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