Historic view of Bassing Beach in November 1991. 

CCT 2017: Highlights

December  2017

A message from CCT President, Debbie Shadd

In May, the CCT celebrated its first 50 years with a gathering at the Lightkeepers House on Cohasset Harbor. We enjoyed talking about the properties CCT has protected so far, many of which were showcased in displays created by CCT Director Clark Brewer, including this photo montage of CCT properties in order of acquisition. 

 Thank you to all who have supported us in our efforts to protect the beautiful area we are lucky to call our home!

Supper Island Conservation Restriction

In May, the CCT finalized a Conservation Restriction on Supper Island, a gift of the late Cornelia B. Barnard. The 7.5 acre island, off the end of Black Horse Lane, can be easily seen from the Border Street end of Parker Avenue, just to the left of the iconic red barn. 

 The Conservation Restriction ensures that the island will remain in its “natural, scenic and undeveloped condition” forever. 

The public has the right to access by water a 50 foot deep strip along the eastern edge (river side) of Supper Island for “daytime recreational purposes”.  

Garrison Landing

In August, the family of the late Nancy Garrison donated to the CCT this one acre property located on the shoreline of Lily Pond, just off King Street at the end of Pond Street. 

The Garrison Landing property includes the foundations of the historic Souther Ice House business, shown in this photo, which supplied blocks of ice carved from Lily Pond for local families’ “ice boxes” in the days before refrigerators. 

The property offers beautiful views of Lily Pond and opportunities for fishing and kayaking on the pond. An official opening will be scheduled in the spring!

Magical Creatures Quest in Ingram Park

CCT Director Katie Holden developed a Magical Creatures Quest in CCT’s Ingram Park property on Norman Todd Road. Between April and November over 250 children and adults completed the Quest featuring fairies and fairy houses for children to discover as they learned about the ecology of Ingram Park. This Quest will be back in place next year.

The Quest program, part of the South Shore Quests organization, seeks to connect children to nature through clue-directed walks in natural areas. 

Click here to learn more about South Shore Quests.


Finally, the CCT community mourned the passing in 2017 of two major figures in our history: Dick Leggat and John Hartshorne. 

Dick was a founder of the CCT in 1967 and served as a Director for 37 years, until 2004. John joined the CCT Board in 1992 and served for 12 years, including as President from 1997, when he took over after the sudden death of CCT’s founder and first President, Jack Hubbard, until 2002. 

Dick and John were dedicated to the mission of the CCT and the CCT is grateful for their many years of hard work on behalf of our land conservation efforts. They will be missed.

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