Land Preservation & Conservation Since 1967

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Cohasset Conservation Trust

  • Winsor Shores

    Winsor Shores

  • Williams Salt Marsh

    Williams Salt Marsh

  • Sumner Smith Overloook

    Sumner Smith Overloook

  • Scott's Shore

    Scott’s Shore

  • Remick Salt Marsh

    Remick Salt Marsh

  • Pelletier 1

    Pelletier Park

  • Pegram Preserve

    Pegram Preserve

  • Ingram Park

    Ingram Park

  • Great Brewster Woods

    Great Brewster Woods

  • Golden Reservation

    Golden Reservation

  • Giuggio Overlook

    Giuggio Overlook

  • Francis Shore

    Francis Shore

  • Dormitzer Salt Marsh

    Dormitzer Salt Marsh

  • Dean's Meadow

    Dean’s Meadow

  • Churchill Conservation Area

    Churchill Conservation Area

  • Campbell 7

    Campbell Meadow

  • Blake-Holmes Property

    Blake-Holmes Property

  • Bassing 1

    Bassing Beach

  • Andrus Island

    Andrus Island

  • Adams Property

    Adams Property

The Trust’s holdings* include over 163 acres of shoreline along Cohasset Harbor, the Gulf River, the Atlantic Ocean, Lily Pond, Straits Pond and Bound Brook, as well as upland forest, meadowlands and wetlands in Cohasset, Scituate and Hull.
*’Holdings’ includes property the Trust owns outright, or on which it holds a conservation restriction. The Trust has also contributed to the purchase of lands by the Town of Cohasset and the Cohasset Land Foundation.

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Ticks, Mosquitos and Poison Ivy Season!

As you walk our property trails, please take adequate steps to protect yourself, your children and your dogs.

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